Teufel Residence 2 – Paradise Valley

This is the third home that I built for former McDonald’s franchisee Denny Teufel. Oh, did he teach us a thing or two about being frugal. This home was originally supposed to be only 4500 Sq. ft. Well, Denny and I got to creating and we ended up with a 10,000 Sq. Ft. home, with every conceivable amenity we could find. As usual, after a couple of years, Denny had the urge to do something different. We built this home – land and building – for $3.2 million. Denny sold it for $4.7M. Let’s just say he was a very happy camper…  Even gave me a present of a brand new Cadillac Escalade for Christmas in appreciation. Just one of several benefits of hiring Carmel Homes Design Group: We build equity in your home.


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